RentalPro Paint Sprayers

A Variety of Sprayers for the Rental Industry

RentalPro Paint Sprayers deliver reliability and performance to your rental customers. Backed by Graco's proven technology and design, RentalPro paint sprayers are ideal for the homeowner or the professional who spray a wide range of coatings.

RentalPro 210

The new RentalPro 210 Electric Airless Sprayer is built to be easily portable, but rugged enough to stand up to your most demanding customers. The 210’s proven technology and design make it the perfect choice for the homeowner or the professional who sprays a wide range of coatings.

RentalPro 230

The RentalPro 230 is a solid workhorse sprayer with performance points to cover both interior and exterior painting needs. Lightweight and portable, the RentalPro 230 is the ideal sprayer for rental yards.

RentalPro 360G

The RentalPro 360G is ideal for jobsites without access to electricity. Contractors who spray a variety of materials including latex, elastomerics, even smooth block fillers for large commercial jobs, get the job done right with the 360G.

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